TWR was founded in 2005 after P2 went looking for a “raw creative space” to rehearse and record the songs for the album “High Tide in the Heartland.” With minimal recording gear but a lot of unique acoustic environments, Pritchett and the Full Band wove the sonically adventurous fabric for what would become “High Tide.” During these sessions, other musicians inquired about using the space, as well as soliciting P2’s know-how and collection of “character-rich” instruments. Players also enjoyed playing through P2’s collection of amps that routinely produced a “most distinctive musical sound” that Phans know as P2’s mid-rangy “chalk tone.”

Today, Trinidad’s studios space is strewn with cables, stands, various microphones and a rack of high quality mic preamps. No time windows or budgets are out of the question. Need it done tomorrow? We’ll get what we get. Haven’t got an Abbey Road budget? No worries. If P2 feels like he can help a band or artist, Trinidad World Recording is open to them.

Today’s recording world is loaded with computer gadgets and machines that allow you to sound like you can sing, play your instrument and keep time. Trinidad is not such a place. TWR does not make music for radio, labels, or retail stores. It makes music for artists and their fans. “If someone wants to set up the drum kit in the kitchen, fine” says P2. “If you want to put an amp outside and record a guitar track until the police shut us down, okay. It’s all about being free to do something you want and the space has a lot to do with that. It’s inspiring, and it’s much better than having some guy say ‘this is how we do it here’ or ‘stand there and play this’. I have done both, and I much rather have fun and try things than do something ‘right’.”

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